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Solar Water Heater


Solar hot water system

• For home use
For industrial and commercial use




Solahart 181J and 302J model can produce up to 200 and 400 Liter of hot water per day at around 60 degree C and suitable for 1 to 5 rooms house.

The system is not only superior in design and quality but utilized an indirect close circuit system design where hot usage water is not in direct contact to the collector panel, the heat transfer liquid will carry heat from the collector panel and transfer it to usage water at the tank jacket, resulting in a clean and efficient solar collector panel. This will indorse the durability of the system. Solahart gives 10 years warrantee on tank and collector * please see warrantee conditions.

J Series Brochure (PDF)






For industrial and commercial use

Solahart Commercial System can produce hot water in a bigger scale. Hospital, Hotel, Sport club including factory can benefit from the use of renewable energy with an efficient and reliable Solahart system.

Commercial_Brochure (PDF)