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Heat Pump


Heat Pump can produce hot water using a Reverse Cycle of what is the system in an air condition unit.

This result in a very efficient way of producing hot water with the COP (Co-Efficient of Performance) of 4-5 which mean that it can safe you up to 5 times comparing to the use of an electric heater.

Air to water heat pump, the unit absorb heat in the air around the unit and transfer it in the water. By doing so, we will have hot water and at the same time cool air that can be ducted to cool the building down at the same time. This will result in a reduction in air conditioning energy consumption too.

Water to water heat pump, the unit absorb heat from water in a chilled water air-conditioning system to produce hot water. Not only can we produce hot water in a cheap way, we can at the same time reduce the load of a chiller of an air-conditioning system.

Our engineer can help you combine and optimize the design for your hot and cold water system.



Domestic Heat Pump Combined Unit Brochure (PDF)


Commercial Heat Pump Brochure (PDF)